Kryddersnaps Guide

Brondums gathering

Now some of you might be thinking, what is this guide actually for? What is kryddersnaps and what good is it for me to read this guide? Well, you don’t have to dwell on these questions any longer because World of Aquavit is not only going to tell you what kryddersnaps is, but why it is absolutely amazing and why you should definitely learn how to make some yourself!

Kryddersnaps is a Danish term that roughly translates to spiced snaps. It is the outcome of infusing your aquavit with flowers, berries, fruits, roots, nuts or any edible herbs for various periods of time ranging from a couple of days to years. We could bet all of our worldly possessions on every single adult Dane knowing somebody who makes their own kryddersnaps. As long as you have aquavit, ingredients and time, there is no one stopping you from creating your own concoction.

At its core, kryddersnaps is about experimenting and creating something unique and delicious for your family and friends to enjoy. It is a form of art that requires you to trust your own senses of vision, smell and taste. There are, of course, recipes available, but if you want to experiment on an infusion of your own, here are the basics you need to know.


One major part of creating your kryddersnaps, is that you go out into natures embrace and gather your ingredients yourself. The fact that you get to enjoy the nature around you while picking your herbs or berries is just wonderful. Once you have gathered your ingredients, try to get them into your snaps as soon as possible so that they are fresh.

If you do not have the luxury of gathering your own ingredients from the wild, you can always buy them from the store. Please do keep in mind that the fresher the ingredients, the better they are for your kryddersnaps, which means you shouldn’t be looking for your berries in the frozen foods aisle.


For a kryddersnaps, you need a pure and fairly neutral alcohol with a high alcohol volume. First and foremost, the pure and neutral alcohol gives the ingredients a chance bring their own flavors to the infusion. Some people use vodka because they can’t get their hands on aquavit, and if that is the case, you should definitely use triple distilled vodka so it is as pure as possible. Vodka however doesn’t bring anything more to the table than its ABV.

Thus, in the end of the day, there is only one alcohol that is the king of kryddersnaps, and that is aquavit. Caraway and dill bring their own supporting flavors to the kryddersnaps taking it to whole new levels. And according to Danish snaps experts, the only aquavit that should be used is Brøndums. Brøndums has an alcohol volume of 40%, which is great for kryddersnaps. The higher the ABV, the better the ingredients are infused into the spirit.


Once you have your ingredients and your aquavit at hand it is time to actually start creating the snaps. Get your hands on a lidded glass container that can fit the ingredients and the aquavit. You rinse the ingredients and place them in the container with the aquavit. If you have ingredients that are large, you should slice them to more manageable pieces to expose more surface to the alcohol. As a rule of thumb, you should usually have approximately one portion of your chosen ingredient to two portions of aquavit.

After you have combined the aquavit and the ingredients in the container, comes the time for waiting. Different ingredients infuse at different rates and if you are not following a specific recipe, you pretty much need to just wing it and trust your instincts. More often than not herbs and flowers take about a week, berries take around three months with nuts taking a year or even more. You need to taste, smell and look at your infusion throughout the resting period in order to know when the optimal time is to cash in on your creation.

Once you have let the snaps rest for the required time, you can filter the liquid through a coffee filter or a cloth so that all that will be left is the clear liquid that is ready to be enjoyed. You can even let the final snaps rest in storage for a longer period. With some snaps it only adds to the flavor, but with some it can do the exact opposite. This is something that varies from recipe to recipe.

One thing is certain, once you have the chance to pour your self-made kryddersnaps to a snaps glass and take the first swig. It is something extraordinary. Sharing the result of your own ingenuity and patience with your friends and family is a moment to cherish. Once you start creating your own infusions, we promise you, you won’t be looking back to days gone by. Take what you have learned from here and start experimenting. If you don’t want to start creating your own recipes right from the get go, you can check out these tried and proven recipes below.

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