Grodan, Dilled Cuban & Sebastian Sundqvist

Sebastian Sunqvist

This guy confidently calls himself Superman. It might just be because of his ability to hold a cigar while draining his rounded cocktail Dilled Cuban, in which dill rum is counterbalanced by the classic Swedish tones from O.P. Anderson. Former DJ Sebastian is a fitness junkie who is lifting bottles behind the bar at Grodan (The Frog), a distinguished, thirty-year-old restaurant. The bar got its name from regulars who had troubles pronouncing the original French name, La Grenouille. Grodan is a maze of different rooms and styles, featuring everything from a typical French dinner hall with giant 18th century wall paintings to a homey, green-walled lounge with comfy, worn-out velvet chairs that are perfectly suited for casual cocktail sipping. Quite a perfect fit for indecisive people wanting some traditional, French flare in the heart of Stockholm’s poshest neighbourhood.

If you are not visiting Stockholm in the near future, you can still enjoy a Dilled Cuban and let your imagination take you to 18th century France with a Swedish twist.

Dilled Cuban

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