All in the family, Tom Surma & Mikael Eliasson

Surma & Eliasson

After taking just two steps inside of ”Familjen” you feel like you’ve been playing video games with these guys since you were six years old. Surrounded by an interior covered in the colour of love, the hip-hopper Tom is slinging playful cocktails alongside down-to-earth, comics-loving Mikael and soccer enthusiast Viktor. In a New Black t-shirt and sneakers, Tom runs his brotherly bar team with the help of a rapidly changing, seasonal cocktail list. Don’t be surprised if the innovative list from five days ago has already changed twice by the next time you’re there.

Tom is all about challenging the standard way of making cocktails, flavouring them with things you barely dare to flavor with to ultimately give guests a fun and tasty experience. Creating such experiences is exactly why Tom loves where he works. He gets to express himself at the bar anyway he wants.

One sure sign of Tom’s innovative and playful style is the crispy Pork & Apple Drink, which showcases Tom’s off-the-wall ambitions. It’s a far cry from your standard way of making a cocktail, since it’s made by infusing O.P. Anderson with bacon to create a crisp and sour cocktail.

This West Coast brasserie lives up to its name like no other. At ”Familjen”, the local fishermen are just as much a part of the family as the Gothenburg hipsters. Everyone’s invited to this living room with red-striped rugs and red Plexiglas details. If O.P. Anderson were alive, we think he would be quite proud of what his neighbours in the west of Sweden have accomplished.

Check out these innovative drinks created by the ”Familjen” duo!

Pork & Apple

Oak & Snus

Apple & Dill

The End
Sebastian Sunqvist
O.P. Anderson Original