Burned wine? Bringing brännvin in from the cold

Icy sea and the city

Even the most adventurous of bartenders hasn’t always had the chance to mix up some brännvin. We aim to change that. Like it’s ever-so-slightly-better-known cousin, aquavit, brännvin is palette-warming spirit from Europe’s northern climes. Appreciated by everyone from your Danish great uncle to the hippest of hipsters, brännvin’s relative obscurity shouldn’t preclude it’s making an appearance in your liquor cabinet.

Brännvin, brændevin, brennevin: all different names, for the same thing. What is it? Well, it’s our Nordic umbrella term for that strong clear stuff: purely and simply what you turn your grains and/or potatoes into. Some of it finds itself steeped with the special herbs and spice; some of it turns left and lives a fulfilling life of its own, sipped from cold shot glasses or cocktail shaken into mad science experiments.

It’s a beautiful blank palette to infuse into any flavour you wish. If you’re excited for an example, our Rånäs Brännvin is flavoured with Angelica, Anise, Bitter orange, Caraway, Cinnamon, Cognac and Fennel. Christmassy, yes, but so flavourful and evocative, you’ll find yourself craving it all year round. As usual, please enjoy your brännvin responsibly.

The End
Oscar Perjus