Aquavit: Sipping from the Water of Life


Sometimes the label says “aquavit”, sometimes “akvavit”, sometimes “akevitt”. Either way, it’s a strong spirit originating in the Nordic countries, at least 37.5% in the alcohol strength department, with a dominant taste of caraway, dill, or both. Whether you’ve heard of it, tasted it or had twelve shots of it last night, it is – in our humble opinion – an undervalued classic.

In the cool North of Europe, a proud aquavit bottle is the maypole around which celebrations swing. Aquavit is also something of a symbol for Scandinavian cuisine. Depending on which of the Nordic countries it comes from, almost all of the home-cooked meals in that region are aligned in sisterly fashion with that country’s particular style and character of aquavit.

From the 15th century, we’ve been steeping herbs and spices into our hard booze. Many options have been tried, many delicious combinations and innovations have been discovered, many toasts have been proposed. The seasoning of aquavit has developed into a fine art through respect for the raw material, scientific manufacturing, more meticulous seasoning and some creativity.

Here in the Journal, we’ve tasted many. And we’re always excited to try something new. We offer you, dear customer, a broad selection of our favourites and a in-depth education into the history, traditions and cultural significance of this delicious tipple. It’s more fun than it sounds. If you need some inspiration – where to begin – look no further than the liquid below!

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