AcesHigh: Eric Sandberg & Oscar Högberg


Eric and Oscar are the very definition of a first-rate team! A duo almost as well-known as Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle from Roxette. They might not sing as well, but they both have a hefty sense of humour and a gleam in their eyes that beats most artists. They often go by the name AcesHigh: play with their names and you’ll figure it out eventually, or get a Swede to help you out if it’s too difficult.

Competing in cocktail competitions, training for a marathon and piercing each other’s eyebrows with safety pins are just a few of the things these crazy guys have done together.  We hope there are still a few things they haven’t done together… These two are simply hilarious to be around and have skills that complement each other, much like R2D2 and C3PO but with a bit more hair and elasticity. Eric (aka Esset) is an old boy with a big heart who’s a friend of the forest, and Oscar is a fan of the simple things in life, someone who would rather have reheated hotchpotch than a lobster.

Esset is a service genius and will buzz around  while Oscar is a bit more orderly and methodical, a complement to Esset’s organized chaos – similar to the busy streets of Bangkok. But don’t go thinking that Oscar is shy in any way. After all, he aced the role as Esset’s super-companion at Bernie’s, the speakeasy, members-only bar. Every night was nothing less than a floor show  at this velvet-decked bar; stopping service to dance with the guests and serving O.P. into the wee hours. Plus any number of things that only the members can tell you about.

Nowadays, they’re keeping the vibe festive at the modern brasserie, Mister French. You’ll find them inside the old Customs House right in Stockholm harbour, a stone’s throw from the Royal Palace – in a bar surrounded by a beautiful art-deco interior with a French feel. All hail chargrilled meat and fish, but you’ll see guests in the front row by the quayside gobbling loads of seafood plateaus!

Oscar describes how the AcesHigh team works: We have fun and because of this, the guests have fun and enjoy their time with us, which is the most important of all. We love to throw parties and get invited to parties, how difficult can it be…?

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