Trident, a relative of Negroni, done with three ingredients in a equal mix ratio. In this version, the cocktail is matured in 60 degrees for 36 hours. Created by: Lilla e.

A Trident cocktail

What's it like?

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6cl Aged Trident cocktail base*

600g O.P. Anderson Original
500g Cynar
400g Fino sherry
20 dash Peach bitters

Measure the base into a cocktail tin, add ice and stir drink. Strain into a chilled Nick & Nora -glass,. Spritz the oils from the lemon peel on top of the drink and serve neat.

Combine elements in a vacuum bag or a high quality ziplock bag. Seal the air out and put the sealed bag into a (sous vide) hot water bath at 60 degrees celsius for 36h. Transform the ready base into a bottle and keep cool.