Rhubarb snaps

Try out you talent in making your own spiced spirit, or kryddersnaps as the Danes call it. This rhubarb snaps recipe takes 1-3 months, but it is worth the wait! It fits well with herring, pies, spicy sausages and cheese. Created by: Cimbrerne snaps guild

Rhubarb snaps

What's it like?

    1 btl Brøndums Klar
    500-700g rhubarb stalks cut to 1cm
    1 vanilla pod
    1-2 star anise
    1 tbsp acacia honey

    Place the rhubarb in a canned container and pour in the bottle of Brøndums Klar. Add the vanilla pod, star anise and acacia honey. Let it rest for 1-3 months. Remove the star anise after halfway point of the resting period.