Pork & Apple

Infusing O.P. Anderson Original with bacon to create a crisp and sour cocktail is truly innovative and playful! Created by: Tom Surma & Mikael Eliasson

Pork & Apple cocktail

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50ml pork infused O.P. Anderson Original*
40ml fresh lemon juice
20ml simple syrup
40ml applesauce w/ horseradish

*Pork infused O.P. Anderson:
1kg of organic, well smoked pork
1 bottle of O.P. Anderson Original

Shake and drain over ice in a short glass. Garnish with 'bacon sugar'' and a crunchy slice of bacon.

*Pork infused O.P. Anderson:
Everything has always been based on quality - at least since Moses wore shorts! So start by buying a kilo of organic, well-smoked quality pork with a high fat content. The taste sticks better there, in the fat. Then cut the pork into cubes or slices depending on what you prefer and how large your strainer is.

Take out a decent frying pan and put the stove on medium heat. You don't want to burn the pork, you just want to let the heat do its job of melting as much fat as possible. Keep the pork in the heated pan for about 30 minutes or until the meat has really shrunk while bathing in fat. Then drain the hot fat from the frying pan into a large container, like a glass jar.

Empty the aquavit bottle into the container! Let the fat and aquavit get to know each other for a few hours at room temperature before placing the container with this concoction in the freezer. This will help the fat become rock-hard and the liquid become ice-cold, which will produce the best result during final draining and bottling!