Blueberry Snaps

Want to try your skills at making your own spiced spirit? Well look no further that the recipe below. All you need is some quality aquavit, blueberries and 3 months of time to wait for the final product! This snaps works great with cheeses or desserts. Created by: Sønderborg snaps guild

Bluberry snaps

What's it like?

    1 btl Brøndums Klar

    Fill a jar halfway with blueberries. Pour in Brøndums Klar so that the berries are covered. Make sure that there is 3 cm of space between the liquid and the top of the jar.

    Let it rest for 3 months in a cold and dark place and filter out the blueberries through a coffee filter. You can season the snaps with half a teaspoon of honey or dilute it with some more Brøndums Klar.

    Served at room temperature.